Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ardmore Ceramics

Somehow I had not heard about Ardmore before moving to the States, and before I had entered the world of blogging. I first saw the ceramics studio mentioned at 66 Square Feet, then later David reminded me to look them up.

Ardmore was started by Fee' Halsted-Berning, after she studied ceramics and then needed an assistant. The introduction of the spirit and artistry of the Zulu soul in the shadow the Drakensberg mountains has produced something unique and beautiful.

Each piece takes roughly 6 weeks to make, and is thrown by one person, sculpted by another and painted by another... and end up selling like hotcakes in London, New York, and of course, South Africa. A definite stop on my next trip to Kwazulu Natal.

You can see more of their work (put aside some time, its hard to stop looking!) on their website and watch a video on the whole process.


Black Zebra said...

one word -WOW

kbd said...

I know! Isn't it something? A visual feast!