Monday, May 30, 2011

Glorious Summer

In the tradition that I've come to expect in the eight years since I've lived in Boston, I was wearing jerseys (that's sweaters, dear American readers, and jumpers, I think, to my British friends) until Tuesday and then summer arrived on Wednesday. I was unprepared and had to do an emergency home job of my pedicure for Thursday. Last Sunday it was around 15 degrees C (in the 50s F) and yesterday was a balmy 30 (around 80F) and humid.

Perfect weather for a long weekend and a party.

It was Memorial Day here today, so we had the day off. And my hubby's birthday always falls around this time, so we get the chance to kick off the summer with a bash. It was great! We'd reseeded our little back yard a couple of months ago, so the lawn was lush, and we put some lights in the tree, and then we kept the neighbors up.

Also debuting this weekend, my peonies have decided to join the party. Remember how lame they looked just two weeks ago? On Friday the first blooms starting opening...

I'm not entirely sure why the pink one refuses to produce only one bud every year, but hopefully next year that will change.

Its good to have some sweat dripping off my nose as I write this. Its always a long winter in Boston... and its good to have swim towels drying on the balcony outside, and a shandy to drink. And whether the towel is drying because you were in the ocean, or a pond, or the pool at the Y, its good to be swimming again. This African kid is not so keen on long winters.

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