Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Have Measured School in Ink Cartridges*

As some of you may remember, last year I graduated from a part time graphic design program... and I recently got to clearing out the bag of ink cartridges I'd been collecting since half way through the program (so about year 2 of 4)... how many ink cartridges does it take to complete a part time graphic design program?

8 HP 4-colour
4 HP Black
2 Epson Photo Black
3 Epson Gloss Optimizers
5 Epson Blue
4 Epson Red
7 Epson Black
8 Epson Magenta
8 Epson Yellow
12 Epson Cyan

61 in total.

*My obscure attempt to reference the Love Song of J. Alfred Profrock. Learnt it in Standard 1, maybe.

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