Wednesday, June 8, 2011

La Muerte Wild Agave Spirit

Well, the story behind this South African tequila (its called a "wild agave spirit" because, like the way Champagne is named, the only tequila comes from Mexico) seems interesting (are they really exporting agave plants to Mexico from the Karoo!? Read more here), the design of the bottle itself is what caught my eye. I've seen this bottle, which I think is fine.

But I've also seen this label, in an old House & Leisure which I think is fantastic... I think the black label is for their tequila with the extra step of being aged in American oak barrels... anyone in SA seen this? Tried it? Because there is certainly tequila and then there is tequila (I drink Hornitos, if we're having tequila, because if its good enough for my friend's Mexican mother, then I think its good enough for me)

Gorgeous detail! Can you see the embossed type?

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