Friday, July 15, 2011

Bionic Man: Oscar Pistorius

I look forward to reading the Style section of the New York Times every week, and so today was a special pleasure when I went online and saw these eyes looking back at me.

It's Oscar Pistorius, South African sprinter. And bionic man, if you keep reading.

Oscar features in the new Thierry Mugler fragrance campaign, which highlights Oscar's unique feature - he runs with prosthetic blades as he was born without fibulas in his legs. There has been a bit of controversy surrounding Oscar, if you haven't already heard about it. He wants to compete with able-bodied athletes but there are concerns that those amazing blades would give him an unfair advantage.

Well, that may all still be up in the air but two things are for sure: good for Thierry Mugler for widening the net of how beauty is represented in the fashion world and the media, and boy, do we South Africans produce some good looking individuals.

Read the article here, where I got these images.

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