Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Isn't She Beautiful?

As you all know, I've been following the other Royal wedding with fascination. I suppose I could never really believe that a girl from my homeland could one day be a princess.

Well, I've a read a few things the past few days that have given me pause. But after reading what Robyn had to say, and reading this article and this one, I feel better. Charlene is a beautiful woman who is going to do us proud. I don't want to be glib, here. But she has an opportunity to make a huge difference and I know she will. Until she gets her feet on the ground, let's enjoy her beautiful wedding. I do think her wedding dress and her civil ceremony outfit are lovely, but the dress she wore to the reception is my favourite.


FarmGirl said...

Love her! Just hope she is happy :)

(Thanks for the comments on my blog)

kbd said...

Farmgirl, I know what you mean... with all the stories circulating, I still choose to think that she is.

PS: love your dogs! I so enjoy reading about their shenanigans :)