Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cape Town Trip: Cape Town

One of the days we were in Cape Town, we took a drive into the city centre. One of our first stops as the beautiful Merchants on Long. The building is gorgeous.

And another spot I recognized from my internet wanderings was Truly Yours, an awesome little coffee shop.

We checked out the architecture...

and walked through the flea market and antiques market to the Company's Garden. "The Company" being the Dutch East India Company, who first colonised the Cape - so the gardens have a fair amount of history. I saw magnolia flowers the size of dinner plates.

Queen Vic still hangs out at the entrance.

And you'll walk by government buildings, and the National Library of South Africa.

You wander along,

past rubber plants,

plants that were gifts from other countries,

and plants that are water wise.

You keep going

say hi to Cecil John Rhodes

and then you are rewarded with the most beautiful view of the rose garden, crowned by Table Mountain, with the cable car as the cherry on top.


Hayley said...

So beautiful!

Ansie said...

Kirsty, i have given you a blog-award. Please see details here:

cat said...

Beautiful. How I miss Cape Town

kbd said...

Ansie, that's great! I'll take the weekend to mull my answers over and post on Monday or Tuesday. Thank you!
PS: I can't sing either. Really, really wish I could.