Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

Well, isn't today a special day? I don't often get to blog on February 29! So here's a great Leap Year story for you.

I am very blessed to have a wonderful friend called Andrea. And for my birthday she gave me an awesome gift. She said that on a leap year you should challenge yourself to try something new, and so she did - and made my gift.

Andrea is a teacher of elementary/primary school age children. She was inspired some of their recent crafts with duct tape - and so she made me a fantastic ring with purple duct tape. That's right! In purple. Its phenomenal.

You can see it there, next to my new iPad! Another amazing birthday gift (from my hubby - we never trade big birthday gifts but I've been wanting one for years, so I suppose he decided to splash out). Together I look amazing while I scroll through my digital magazines, with my gorgeous ring on my finger.

And on the screen of my iPad is a spread from House & Leisure magazine - one of the major reasons I wanted an iPad. I hate sitting at my desk in our spare room and reading the latest on South African interiors. Now I can do it on the couch. Or in bed. Or in the bath. Well, maybe not the bath. I'd be afraid to drop the iPad!

It's fantastic. But now I don't need some of my House & Leisure magazines. I'll just have to get rid of them. Come back tomorrow, and you might get one...

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