Monday, July 9, 2012

Maria McCloy

I am one lucky lady. I've been absent lately because my fabulous Mom-in-Law is visiting and that means I've been busy kuiering* instead of sitting at my desk. It's been great (pics to follow)!... I am also lucky because in her suitcase was something for me from my Mama - a gorgeous clutch from Maria McCloy, in dashiki fabric.

That's me, fresh from work this afternoon, clutching my clutch (sorry about the weird light going on in those pics). Its the perfect little topper to my favourite piece of clothing - jeans!

I first heard about Maria McCloy's work over at Zodwa's blog (you can too, here) but I was more than chuffed when I saw an South African celebrity carrying one at the BET awards (via Cape Town Style Guide) .Oooooh. This is Lira, and I think that could be dashiki too!

If you like what you see and you live in Johannesburg, you can get your own clutch at Market on Main. If you don't live there, you can contact Maria via email (

Here are some drool worthy pics. The first is online... the second she sent to me quick-quick so I could choose my purse.

* visiting

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Ansie said...

Oh! Isn't that delicious! Aren't mothers (and -in laws) just the best! Enjoy your kuier.