Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pizza in the Heartland

So, if you're American you know this. Wednesday was the Fourth of July - and I was lucky this year because I spent it surrounded by my American family. Yep, we all met up in Wisconsin, the dairy state. It was a great time... and we got to spend quality time with those we love, including our amazing Godson, his sweet sister and their parents for a couple of days. A highlight for me was the trip to the local pizza parlor. Don't think you'd find this in Boston (unless it's faked).

Another highlight? A tractor ride. The kids loved it (me too)!

 We also headed into the nearest city, Duluth (Minnesota). I'd like to share some of the beautiful old signage on the buidlings...

And some shots from the sailing museum in the harbor. The graphic designer in me just can't help it.

 Some more snaps coming up!

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