Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out in The Cold

I feel like a bit of a weather service right now, but things are busy and the most exciting thing I have to share with you is the insanity of the weather in Boston. This morning, where we live a bit west of the city, it was a balmy 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is -12 Celsius. Plus with the wind chill it was 6F, or -14C.

I try not to think in Celsius anymore.

So here's something interesting - when I first moved to the States we stayed with my husband's grandparents out in beautiful Wisconsin, near Lake Superior. The awesome thing about that is in the winter it get so cold that condensation forms above the water (maybe because the water is warmer than the air? Hmm, need to look that up!) and it is magical. Here's a couple of pics of what that looks like from a blogger out there. It's called sea smoke.

Have a great day - hope it's a warm one!

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