Tuesday, April 16, 2013


What is there to say about what happened?

We have been in Boston for 10 years, and love this city. I have never feel it so sombre, but also so united. The Boston Marathon was chosen as a target because its an event where people train through the harsh New England winter in order to be ready. An event where people come together to celebrate that dedication. An event where if you're not running as one of the top athletes, you are running to raise money for charity. An event where life is celebrated - the beginning of warmer weather, athleticism, camaraderie, the fulfillment of months of dedicating your body to meet the challenge but also collecting money to help your fellow human beings. Hope.

This will not stop the awesomeness of the Marathon. All those good accomplishments. People will still come from all over the world. Because even as the bad things happen, good people got up and met that head on, and helped each other. That will never change. In this loss we will still run, and sing louder, and use our talents to celebrate life. Because the good things will always overtake the bad.

This guy said it much better than me.

Love that dirty water.

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