Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chew-sy News

As you may know, besides running my little blog, I also work as a graphic designer and am completing a night programme in graphic design... so one could say it is one of my passions. Imagine my extreme joy today when I discovered The Chews Magazine, a magazine run by three South Africans, featuring YOU. Yep, its all driven by content sent in by readers.

I love magazines. says the editor on the first page of their first issue, And I love design. It is because of these two passions that Chew was born. The Chew team is a small three man, or rather two men and one woman, show. But you know what they say about small packages. Our dream is to give people the opportunity to send in their contributions, whether visual, verbal or interactive, and serve it up in Chew. It allows folks to experiment, explore and above all, to have fun – making this a magazine for you, by you. More importantly, it is a testament that dreams can and do come true :)

Sounds like my kind of people. Anyway, the first issue, The Dream Issue, is a feast for the eyes. There are ideas on fashion, places to stay all around the world, film, blogs, magazines, bicycles, artists... the list ... goes on!

Besides the fact that the magazine is entirely reader generated, it is only available online. You sign up on the web (great way to get your readership demographics!) and download a 53-page PDF of visual gorging. Sign up here. Halleluja.

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Mzansi Madame said...

Hi! I found ur great blog and wanted to introduce myself.

Firstly thanks for the article on Chow - been looking for S.A designer mags. I am a designer too, just moved to Norway and am setting up shop here, similar to Babazeka but for Scandies and including clothes.

My blog is if u wanna check me out. I would like to chat to u more.