Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ooh! Look What I Found!

Two of my favorite paper resources collided for me this afternoon when I opened Paper Sources' NEW page on their website. (Check out the two journals on the bottom right of the page).

Paper Source
has stock of Eco Jot's journals! Yay! Now I have to make less effort to get my hands on Carolyn's lovely work. These are the two Paper Source have on their website, not sure what they have in-store (but I hope to get there this weekend).

The write up:

Jotting can be eco-friendly with this playful notebook — it's 100% recycled and acid and chlorine free. The cheerful Eco-Jot Apples Spiral Notebook is ready to be filled with your most important and creative thoughts, ideas, daydreams, and — oh yeah, maybe a little homework. Write on!

Enjoy more of Carolyn's work on her website, and keep up with what inspires her on her blog.

Yay for Paper Source! Yay for Eco Jot!

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carolyn Gavin said...

hope you have fun with them.