Monday, September 8, 2008

Credit Where It's Due

I was recently reading the August '08 issue LivingEtc, a fabulous magazine, when I noticed an article on a house in South Africa. It's the home of actress Trevyn McGowan, who was born in Johannesburg but trained in the UK. The house is in Wilderness and is just gorgeous.

I particularly loved what they have done with the good old riempie dining room chairs... a little white paint and they are transformed!

The only thing missing is a couple credits to fantastic South African artists. I noticed some lovely ceramic bowls in the kitchen. Aren't those Hylton Nel's handiwork?

And the wire work on the wall of the office is definitely Heath Nash's "It's beautiful here"... I'd give you a link to his work, but the only current website I can find is this one, and it seems to still be in the works. Watch that space, Heath's work is always astounding.

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