Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For the Foodies

I love food. Love eatin' it. Not a big cooking fan. Nope, not me. I do like to bake, I must admit but cooking? Not so much. I am very lucky my husband likes to cook or we'd have my signature veggie pasta dish every night. But I can live vicariously, can't I?

I do so over at Jane on Food. I read her recipes and look at her photos and my mouth waters. What talent. Jane is a South African who headed abroad to cook, learn and see the world. Now she's sharing her favourite recipes with us. Yippee!

Her latest recipe is a lovely dressing made with lemons. Now, I never met a lemon I didn't like... in the kitchen, laundry or drinks cabinet. Go over there and check it out.


Jonathan Ralton said...

I <3 lemons, too. Thanks for sharing this!

Jane Coxwell said...

Hi there- I've just seen this post- thanks so much for including me in your blog- I'm really flattered, it's a great read.
All the best!

kbd said...

Jon, you're welcome ;)

Jane, thank YOU for great cooking advice (because, ask my husband, I am CLUELESS). Enjoy SE Asia! Looks divine!