Monday, June 8, 2009

Springtime is Back

Hello my dears. I know, its been a much longer break than I anticipated... but you know, when you get blogging fatigue and its just another thing on the to-do list, I think its best to take a break. As you may know from previous posts, I am studying graphic design part time, and as I have just finished up my second to last class, I wasn't surprised when I wanted to simply hang out for a while.

I've been enjoying the New England spring, enjoying having friends over and doing a little gardening. My pride and joy right now is the huge peony in my front yard. From a distance the flowers look like fried eggs! There is a younger pink peony next to it, and I can't wait for next year to see how it blooms.

I've recently been getting back to my favourite blogs and thought I'd share some updates of my favourite (and new!) South African blogs with you. Afterall, that's why I love this blog!

Firstly, I see Xander of Primitive Culture fame is back in SA. I was reading a Skinny LaMinx post a while back when I spotted him at Neighbourgoods Market! Last I was over at his blog, he was still in Asia.

Its so great to see he's cooking up a storm, introducing more of the culinary delights of Asia in SA. The one thing I so enjoy about Boston is that with so many different cultures in the mix I am a frequent customer at the local Asian restaurants. Anyway, Xander is back with his beautiful photography. Best of luck with Piesang! (Here's one of his wonderful photos, this one taken in Maputo)

Speaking of Skinny, I am so impressed to see her lovely tea towels in one of my favourite reads, the NYTimes. Congrats!

I love how Jezze is always in touch with what matters to artists. Today she linked over to a great post on having a plan if you want to make it as an artist. Having changed careers to head back into (what I think is the most practical way of) enjoying art and design, I definitely appreciate her keeping me up to date on an artist's life.

I also am eagerly anticipating some bags she is working on... they look lovely!

I've also been enjoying the combination of two of my favourite blogs... Kim Gray AND Elle Decor SA. Kim has been interviewing some interesting people, so head over there to check it out. I really enjoyed her chat with the owner of Coco Karoo.

Another blog I have not read in a while, and so appreciated hearing from while I was on my break, was Kat at anything goes. I loved her rather cheeky identity design for a restaurant that specialises in bunny chow.

For those who don't know, the bunnies are fine! Bunny chow is a South African meal, where a loaf of bread is cut in half, emptied out and filled with curry.... I've just eaten dinner but I could have one for myself right now!

Okay, I'm not going to show you every SA blog under the sun, but I have some great websites to share with you later this week and next, with lots of wonderful art and design. Before I go I want to share a project with you that I have been working on.

I belong to the Boston chapter of the AIGA (American graphic design association) and our 2009 BoNE Show (Best of New England) is on Thursday. This year we are focusing on sustainability and recycling, so my friend Andrea and I volunteered to build a letter to spell the words BoNE SHOW on the wall at the exhibit of all the winning work. We got the letter H... and I'll show you one small tidbit but you'll have to wait until Thursday like everyone else to see the rest. Oh, it was fun to make!

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Lj said...

I know I am biased, but it is great to see you back on the blog and excited about it again. I look forward to seeing the new posts.