Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last week I was a part of a fantastic local graphic design event called the BoNE Show (the Best of New England design awards). It is run by the Boston chapter of the AIGA (American graphic design association) and last week's exhibition launch just rocked!

Not only were the winners of this year's entrants announced (check out the fabulous work here)but there was a great crowd, good music and of course, the work to peruse. I think everyone had a great time.

Part of what made this launch so great is because the organisers had some fun things on offer: a wall where you could voice your opinion based on the name of the event, B(one)... B(creative!), B(honest), B(happy)... raffles of awesome furniture and other designery treats, and finally, a wall of letters spelling out AIGA BoNE SHOW.

(Below: the crowd waiting with anticipation for the names of the winners, the wall of expression being set up...)

(... and the City of Boston Food and Fuel campaign logo by the Boston Redevelopment Authority graphics - hope I got that mouthful right!- , and MIT Press's Camps Book Project, which won the Judge's Pick).

What made this extra special for me is that a friend of mine and I made the H in sHow!

The theme for this year was sustainability so all the letters were made from found materials. My friend and I used trash we found: an old architecture book, plastic cups, cardboard... and a certain someone's parking ticket (!!). It was great fun, and it made me happy that our H sold at silent auction for $60 that goes to continuing other great events like that one.

Tomorrow I'll post more on how we made our H. It was good fun, I hope you'll enjoy seeing how it all came together. To see more of the winners from the BoNE Show, go to this flickr page.

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