Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And a Star to Guide You

I know I've been living in the States for a long time because I found out today that Google are going to be shooting street view photos for their South African maps, and I am so excited!

The street views are great for getting an idea what things look like on the ground when you are planning trip... or looking for a house... or just being nosy. However, these are being done in preparation for next year's Soccer World Cup.

To get more info (especially about the Prius they will be using) and what has been done with the street view before, head over here. And for a tidbit of what it could look like, here is what it looks like on the street in front of the Empire State building in New York.


Lj said...

What? No props for sending this to you?

kbd said...

Well, my love, if you had a blog, I would definitely give you a shout out ;)