Friday, November 4, 2011

The Light in Fall

There's something funny about this time of year. I know in the southern hemisphere I'd be feeling awake, and ready to take on the world right now. Up here in the north, things are more quiet. I'm more into getting cozy than taking on the world.

You look at the light differently. Well, maybe because the light is different. I get a little more contemplative. I read two blogs regularly that are filled with beautiful images, lots of great style and sometimes interesting sayings or quotes. Put up by real people, things that make you stop the on-going rhythm of every day life, and think about something for a minute or two.

They're perfect indications of the mood.

Images from A Well Traveled Woman and My Salmaundi


Sam said...

Hi dear, just to let you know, I finally spread the word on the Tour SA series on my blog today.

kbd said...

woohoo! Thanks Sam!