Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Russell Smith

So you know how at the end of the year you have plans to take time off but that means you have to work extra hard before you leave and extra hard when you get back to get all the work done (and all the Christmas shopping, and get the dogs organized for the kennel, and, and, and)? I'm there right now.

So I haven't been too inspired lately, and when it came to today's post I was at a loss. Until I saw Russell Smith's work on desire to inspire (so it works! that blog does inspire!). And, can I just say, it's great to recognize some of those pics from posts I've written about Frank Features (check it out here).

Oh, heavens the patterns and colour in that last image!

So anyway, I just spent way too much time on the Russell Smith website, pouring over his portfolio. Full of some of my favourite South African personalities, beautiful interiors, wonderfully lit travel scenes, perfectly styled stills, beautiful shots of beautiful children... oh, I should stop gushing now and just share (I did have to restrain myself and not show you everything I screenshotted).

And guess who else is inspired by Tretchikoff?


Russell Smith said...

Have just discovered your wonderful blog and wanted to thank you for this post! Means a lot!

kbd said...

hi Russell! What an honour that you popped by :) Your work is so inspiring.