Monday, November 7, 2011


I came across this beautiful image in the most recent issue of Vogue.

The patterns, colour and movement just caught my eye. Turns out these guys are Suno - Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty (seen here with model Yaya DaCosta). And no wonder their work attracted me because it's based in Kenya! This is from their website.

... launched in Spring 2009 after post-election violence threatened to damage the economy and industry in Kenya, a long time second home to Osterweis... Using vintage Kenyan textiles that Osterweis had been collecting for years, they created their first small collection, produced predominantly in Kenya... Since its inception, SUNO has evolved its business to include production in Kenya, India, Peru and its home base of New York. Via a combination of traditional, local techniques and high-end tailoring, as well as an emphasis on fit and fabric, SUNO is able to offer a global, unique view of the luxury world in an accessible way.

I've pulled a few of my favourite things from their website for you to enjoy - and you can buy it all too, from Barneys, or a few other retailers, if you have a $100 for a sun hat (on sale) or $800 for a dress (not on sale). Which is somewhat beyond my means, but a girl can dream, right?

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Sam said...

Loving that yellow dress