Monday, March 12, 2012

Cargo Unlimited

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Actually so was today. It's been incredibly warm for this time of year (usually we are hovering in the 40s - which is about 4 to 7 degrees Celsius)as it's been in the 60s lately, and even hit 70 today (that's a balmy 21C). It's glorious!

So, to enjoy while we can (I just know another snowstorm is hiding around the corner) we headed up to Manchester-by-the-Sea. We bought some sandwiches from flour, packed our enamel mugs, serviettes and a blood orange fizzy drink, and drove up to sit by the water to have a little picnic. It was freezing! We laughed so much because of course it's going to be colder on the water!

Anyway, afterwards we walked around the lovely little downtown and explored. Besides being very picturesque, and having a great little down-to-earth cafe right near the water, Manchester-by-the-Sea has a lovely little shop called Cargo Unlimited.

I could kick myself for not taking along my camera, but google maps took a nifty pic last time they were there. The shop is lovely, filled with delicious things - really great furniture, lamps, artwork and soft furnishings. Of course nothing is a bargain but I doubt you will find better quality anywhere, and clearly some pieces were really great finds with wonderful history.

There was an amazing bamboo chair set that I would dearly love to have... you know, to put in the sunroom that doesn't exist, but ah, I can dream! I don't have a pic of that set but these images are from their website, so we can indulge.

The guy (owner?) who was there when we were was so sweet - didn't care at all that we were just browsing (and honestly, drooling on the lovely furniture) and even lent me a tape measure (they had a magnificent dining table that was just the right width for the one I want to have made). He was lovely. And I did promise I would be back when my earning potential has been realized.

So if you are ever in that neck of the woods, you should make a stop. I will (again!)


The Vintique Object said...

Looks like my kind of place!
Won't it be nice when we realize our earning potential?

kbd said...

oh heavens, yes! said...

The chest in the second photo is pure awesomeness.

Hayley said...

Ooh..I love seeing pics of different decor shops...thanks!

kbd said...

Oh, Hayley... when you come visit, I will not disappoint you :) You can see them for yourself!! (are your tickets booked yet? I know you want to!)