Monday, March 5, 2012

Other Updates

So besides the few home improvements I mentioned yesterday, I also made some other little tweaks around the house.

I made this easy terrarium a while back, based on Amy Merrick's great instructions.

I liked it but it needed some pizzazz. So I picked up a piece of really fine moss from my neighbor's front steps, and then took a small piece of wood with similar moss from a tree down the street. The moss is brighter, and I really think the wood makes the little scene more interesting (the second pic is with a flash, so you can see all the little components...)

The last thing I did was fix my artwork - it was leaning on the dresser in my bedroom when I got a little carried away when I was making the bed (ages ago!) and the pics fell down and the frames all broke. Um, how did this happen? I like to unhook the fitted sheet and give the sheet a good airing out by flicking it up and down. Anyway, I created a little air lift and the pictures came tumbling down.

When I was at Ikea this weekend I got new frames - and this time they are secured to the wall. HOWEVER I forgot that my floor is not straight so the frames follow the ceiling and the dresser slowly edges down and away from the bottom of the frames. Oh, the joys of living in an old house. Here's a pic from my original post (it got too dark for pics by the time I was done).

I think that's all for home improvements for now - we are considering moving before next winter (we have forced air and our health is suffering for it, so its time to move into a place with good ol' radiators) and I don't want to invest more time and energy into projects before I know they are keepers.

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