Thursday, March 8, 2012

South Africa on Jeopardy

How fantastic tonight to watch Jeopardy, one of America's most iconic TV shows and see South Africa featured.

There was one segment that was all "South African Wildlife" questions and it seemed like the contestants were afraid to give it a go. Eventually they got there and the questions were not too bad. The one about giraffes' blood pressure got them, not surprisingly. If you interested in winning a trip to South Africa, click here. The South African Tourism Board is giving away a trip similar to the one that the presenters from Jeopardy went on.

I have two friends who've just come back from South Africa. A friend at work is has plans to again next year because she loved it so much, and she says it felt like she only scratched the surface of the wonderful places to go and great things to do in her two weeks there.

The other friend is a South African who lives in Boston, like me. He took his American wife and her family there for a holiday. His mom-in-law kept mentioning, before they went, about what a once-in-a-lifetime trip it would be. He said by the second night in Cape Town, playing cards out on the porch, sea crashing in the distance, she was already planning what she would be doing on her next trip.

South Africa is definitely a place worth a visit - for Americans, its a long way to go, and a bit pricey to get there but once you're there I think you'll find accommodation, food and entertainment well priced. And of course, the country itself is spectacular. If I do say so myself!

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