Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today is a lovely day - its raining softly and everything is getting a good drink, which is badly needed around here. With hardly any snow this year and not much rain so far this early spring, we're looking a drought straight in the eye. Hopefully this will change that.

But yesterday was a lovely day, so to enjoy the warm air the hubster and I, along with a friend, drove down to Provincetown for a leisurely lunch and for some noseying around. We had a great time.

The boats were there ...

as well as all the old town charms that P-town has. I found some horses on the way to the main drag from the parking

and the Town Hall looked beautiful in her spring finery.

We also took a look around a building that used to be a theatre.  From what little I can find online, the original place burned down in 1940 and this building replaced it. The old sign lies behind the building on the beach.

The highlight for me was popping into Marine Specialties, Inc. They have everything: shells, old surplus military clothing, old bottles, a few wedding and prom dresses, safari hats (!!), license plates... the list goes on!

The little treasures I bought have already found their homes. A starfish to keep my magazine-laden coffee table looking pretty

and an old military shoe form that I hope will look gorgeous when I replace my bookshelves one day (I'm thinking along the lines of portable versions of Urban Cottage's built-ins... I'll let you know when I get it done!)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, too!

Update: you can read more about some of the artists in Provincetown here


An Urban Cottage said...

Thanks for the mention! I only went in to that marine specialties place for the first time last year. It was so cool. I with some friends that didn't want to spend the time but I think I could have spent an entire day in there.

kbd said...

hey Steve! That place was phenomenal. Anything and everything...