Monday, April 23, 2012

Tour South Africa: Cape Point

It's been a while since I shared some of my pics from my trip to South Africa in December. So it's Monday morning and we are all back at work... wah wah wah. Let's go back to get us inspired for the week ahead.

(To recap: I've been sharing some of my favourite things from my recent trip to South Africa. If you plan to visit South Africa I hope some of these posts can help you plan so you have an amazing trip. My homeland is beautiful, with abundant wildlife, warm people and amazing views just like... )

Cape Point. Where it's said that the Indian Ocean (on South Africa's Eastern shores) meets the Atlantic (on the Western side). The Indian travels down from the Equator, warm and fecund, and crashes against the cold Bengueal current roaring up from the South pole. The Western side of South Africa is desert.

 But this is not really true. Cape Point is the Westernmost tip of the continent - the oceans really meet at Cape Agulhas, which is the Southernmost tip. Luckily, none of this matters because the Point, and its surrounding nature reserve is unbelievably beautiful and can take your breath away. (As always, click on the image to make it bigger)



As you might be able to see in the picture above, there were birds and animals everywhere (there's a tiny bird in about the middle of the photo on the right). We watched seals frolick in the sea below

and cormorants fly in and out from the cliffs.

With lots of patience my Dad got this shot - a bit blurry, but he got it!

If you looked to your right, when standing at the Point, there was a beach to the left - with a message: Krimi, will you marry me?

We saw this little guy scurrying around

These flowers were all over the mountain

When we had our snack, a red-winged starling joined us, hopeful for a tidbit, and then later his wife showed up, too

On the way back to our car, we saw two ostriches just strolling along

And then, heading back towards the exit we stopped off at a protected beach, watching the bontebok in the distance, who seemed to be enjoying the sound of the waves as much as we were

A definite for anyone visiting the Cape area.

For full disclosure, all these images are not mine. The first iage of the Point, the message, the lizard, multiple flowers, the up-close cormorant, the ostriches and the group of Bontebok is my Dad's handiwork. My talented mother-in-law got the great pic of the


Hayley said...

I never get tired of seeing pictures of the Cape...just beautiful!

Lovely Light said...

Nice! Reminds me of my time there. I also posted pictures of it.
-I found you through Hayley!