Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blogging Break

You may have noticed it's really, really hard to blog when it's summer: you want to be outside in the sunshine - especially when you have beloved family visiting, whom you don't usually get to hang out with. I did my best the past few months but now I've decided to take a month off. My folks arrive in Boston tonight and I plan to have ridiculous amounts of fun with them, and share all my newly-found favourite places since last they were here (Mom was here 2 years ago with my 87 year-old Gran, which was amazing, and my Dad was last year here over 5 years ago!)

Besides that, we are moving! The huge apartment above us in our two family house has opened up and we decided to go make the move. I love, love, love our apartment but the hubster and I both have business plans (he's already off and running - anyone need SEO help? Email me! - and I hope to get mine going in the next couple of months) so we need the space. The place has been inhabited by one group of students after another so its not in great shape. I went up there yesterday morning and it really, really needs a good scrub! I think it will be a challenge to make it nice (can you say white carpet?!) but I think we are up for it. And frankly, I think the poor place will appreciate having people in it who love it.

I saw this shortly after walking through the place, and it makes me feel like we can make it a wonderful place to live.

Saw it on pinterest, of course.

"A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest ... wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his image." - Joan Didion 

Enjoy your August (and maybe a bit of September) and I'll see you soon!


sakurasnow said...

Have a wonderful time with your folks, and lots of summery fun together!
Good luck with the move (luckily it's not too far to lug the packing boxes ;) and lots of good wishes for your business plans (exciting!)

kbd said...

Thank you :) Thank goodness the move is just upstairs! ha And hopefully I'll have more info on the biz soon... I'm very excited!!

court said...

enjoy family time!!!

Eyepictures said...

Hi K
still pop in for a look now and again ... enjoy your break and comeback refreshed !

kbd said...

Thanks Court!

Hi D, hope you are well! xoxo

collarcitybrownstone said...

Moving can be exciting even if it just going one floor up. Have you and hubby thought about turning the house into a one family? It would give you much more space.

kbd said...

hi collarcitybrownstone! Welcome :) Thanks for the idea but we're only renters... not sure the landlord would approve!