Monday, December 17, 2012

Jo'burg Artist: Nicola Taylor

If I was a painter, I would want to be Nicola Taylor.

She was born in Johannesburg, like me. Studied in Italy (can you imagine? How amazing) and had a residency in the Tower Bridge in London. She now paints at home in South Africa.

Her main medium is oil on canvas and paints the beauty in everyday life. I think I would want to do that if I painted as a job. And for her, "Above concept, the process and the act of creating artwork is her focus. She says that an artwork should not mean, it should be."

I like that.

"Taylor has an overarching interest in revealing what lies on the edge of visibility, that which is mere potential. Taylor paints the space between what can and can’t be seen- imagining the possibility of invisible things taking form.  Matter breaks down from solid matter to liquid matter, and eventually into gas- then it disappears altogether. The natural phenomena of mist, smoke and light reflections are examples of matter in the final stage before disappearing or reappearing and these are the elements that intrigue her most as a result. " (Words in quotation from her website)

I love everything she does, even her sketches...

You can watch her work, too, on this video. She was painting at Londolozi. I can't imagine how you could more inspired than that!

 Makes me miss painting! So inspiring...

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