Monday, December 10, 2012

My Home: My Favourite Room

Guess what? My favourite room in our new place is the downstairs bathroom. I think it's because it's clad in white tongue and groove, and our landlord was happy to paint the walls in a lovely blue for us.

When our friend Emily heard I was looking for a white, or white and black, shower curtain she very kindly gave us an old one of hers. I think it fits in beautifully - wait to see you see what it matches with.

One of the most gorgeous things in the room (because there can be so many in a bathroom, right?) is this soap dish the hubster bought me at one of my favourite Boston shops, Hudson (you should go there! Its divine). I have no idea how he chose between the anchor, and all the other lovely options.

Here you can see how the beadboard runs around the room... I have a couple of little starfish (yes, I live an hour from the ocean but a girl can dream, right?) and in the reflection is Johnny Cash. I wish I could say our Johnny pic was an original idea but Mark D. Sikes did it first.

And I keep a little Hudson matchbook, if um, it's needed. I love the tiny punch of red in the white, black and blue room. The candle is soy, and smells like the woods (in a good way).

And just like the rest of the house, there are lovely details like the deep, swirly black door knob and the beautiful radiator (which, of course, I neglected to photograph). It's a great place to take a nice long soak in the tub.

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