Monday, December 24, 2012

My Home: Living Room

So we started at the entrance to our home, and also checked out the loo. Now, onto the living room, or as we say in South Africa, the lounge, if you'd like to see.

If you read more blog regularly, you'll know my husband and I lived downstairs in the same house before moved up into this apartment. It looks exactly like the apartment we're in now except all the molding is painted white, so I was worried all the warm wood would feel busy. I still kind of feel that way but it look much better than I thought it would and we've settled in...

We also got an extra floor when we moved upstairs (woohoo!) so we could space things out (no more guest room - office - game room) so the arrangement in the pics above is pretty much the same as downstairs. But on the other side of the couch is a bit different - we could move our bookshelf into the adjoining dining room, and in its place we put a table. A gorgeous table that we found in the basement! And our landlord was kind enough to lend it to us (actually, I think the truth is that he had forgotten it was down there!)

There a few little spots around the room I'd like to share with you - my re-covered floor cushions that act as extra seating when we have children visiting, or I use them to sit next to my husband when we check things out on his laptop, and my little locust that I bought last time I was in South Africa (from Julian Decor in Parkhurst, Johannesburg, if I remember correctly)

When we buy our house one day, I have ideas about some curtains (maybe like this) with bamboo blinds underneath but I can't be bothered to spend the time and money on a rental. I like where everything is now, it feels comfortable and like home... of course I would always love a new couch and I would love to have it look a little like this, which I think is a pretty perfect living room.

But because its Christmas, things look a little different today! These pics are from November. Check out my next post for what it really looks like today.

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