Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All Over the Empire

Thanks to Spray Glue, I discovered The Empire Collective. I really enjoy visiting Christopher's site... lots of interesting finds, as well as his own work. Nice to be a voyeur on another graphic design student's work.

This poster is part of a public awareness campaign for animal rights in Christopher's home town of Durban.

You can do some shopping while you're checking out the site... gotta love the custom sneakers!


Christopher de Beer said...

Thanks so much for the mention, you've got a great blog going here :)

kbd said...

Why thank you! I really enjoy yours too! Good luck with the studies.

sharon said...

hi k
thanks for the link..recently started a blog for my second year graphic design students, to create an awareness of sa design. (chris was one of them a short while ago)we'd love you to visit.

kbd said...

hi Sharon
That sounds great... Sounds like my kinda thing! What's your URL?