Thursday, September 20, 2007

Look what I found!

You may have noticed a comment from another blogger a couple posts back... it was from Freshly Found. I love her blog and the photos she takes.

This post particularly caught my eye. I love gardens and the atmospheres they can create... from ornate, formal Italian gardens to ramshackle English gardens. My favourites are gardens filled with hardy succulents and grasses. More about that another time. Here's another shot from Freshly...

In other news you may have noticed I'm not posting as much as usual. Thing is, as some of you know, I'm studying at night and classes just started up again... I promise that I'll be posting, just maybe not as much as before, so keep checking back!

1 comment:

Freshly Found said...

Hi there

What a lovely surprise to find a very familiar photo when I clicked on your sight today. Thanks for the mention and for adding me to your "Inspiring Reads"

Also, thanks to a previous posting of yours I made contact with Carolyn Gavin. I love her work.
All the best with the studies!