Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An Invitation

One of my favourite things about reading blogs is that I can get to see inside some pretty cool homes. I would like to now return the favour (though my place doesn't quite reach the standards of some of the stuff I've seen), and share a little of my New England-meets-Africa home...

Above (left) is my bookshelf in my "office", with that lovely "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster. Next to that a poster of an old travel advert that my hubby and I found at Target (if you look, there are some treasures!), and bottom right is the corner of floor cushions we use for spare seating, and they're on the wonderful rug we got from Flor. Lastly is the door stop my mom-in-law got us, there is a gecko on it. Uh, yes, I do like stripes :)

I'm quite lucky because I live in a beautiful old home with a lot of period detail.

Here is a shot of a candle (one at the back), also a gift from South Africa, next to an semi-transparent lamp that I love, from Pier1. Another great place for finding treasures... and then a pic of the odd kink in the wall in my bathroom. My husband is a huge Edward Hopper fan, so I used the small spot to hang a print of "Ground Swell". Along with some shells next to the mirror, they bring the beach into the bathroom.


Igor said...

Cozy home you got there. Mine looks like a garbage depot...hehe/

Happy March said...

I have that same South-Africa print! I bought mine at World Market. I am doing a South-Africa theme in our dining area. I am considering getting a zebra striped rug.