Thursday, January 29, 2009


So, although I did not find exactly everything my little heart desired (see Monday's lament) when I was on my trip, I did get some lovely gifts and goodies that I'd like to share with you. I am always astounded by people's warmness and generosity.

The first were a lovely gift from a couple who have been friends of my family since time began. They are tea spoons and cake forks, with protea detailing. I love them! Not only are they gorgeous, but cake forks are a hard thing to find in the States. They're not really used around this neck of the woods!

They live in my hutch now, along with my other little treasures.

My boet (that's brother, for my American friends) and his wife also spoiled me and the hubster with crystal liqueur glasses... perfect for Amarula. I couldn't help myself but cap them off with little glass charms, beaded in true African style to depict little bugs. Perfect!

I really appreciate how people go out of their way to get me South African inspired things while I'm living away. Thank you for everyone's thoughts, time and gifts while we were in South Africa.

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