Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Before I move on to more exciting art, design and craft from southern Africa, I wanted to share a little of my recent travels with you. I was in South Africa for a couple of weeks, which I haven't really documented too much with photography that I'll share because I take a lot of photos of family, family pets and things like my folks' old Christmas tree.

However, on the way there the hubby and I flew through Frankfurt, and there we did take photos. What a treat! We enjoyed the best bratwursts ever at the Christmas Market. Being used to boerewors rolls, I was surprised to be handed a sausage that had a tiny roll in the middle. We figured it must be that in Germany the roll is simply to hold the brat while you eat it. It's not really such a big deal... because the sausage is so delicious!

My husband did take some photos when we were down at the beach when we reached South Africa. These gorgeous moments recorded at Thompsons Bay Beach.

I also got a chance to enjoy the wooden boat my Dad has just finished renovating. I haven't sailed in a while, so I just watched (we went out later on one of his bigger boats) and it was a good thing: the verdict? Dad said it was like sailing a barrel of monkeys!

On our way back we stopped in Zurich for the day. I had stopped there before on a very short lay-over and it was really exciting to be back. Zurich is such a beautiful place... hopefully next time I stop there it will be summer! It was a smidgey cold (and I had not packed properly, just thinking dreamily about the beach in South Africa!) so we didn't dawdle too long in the city. This shot from the window of the little cafe' we grabbed (expensive!) sandwiches in.

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