Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a Day

Often, when I speak with fellow South Africans, I get flack for living in the States. And then I try to pass on some of the America I know: a beautiful place, with regions so different each of them has its own feel and style, people who are as multi coloured and cultured as that which I've seen in my own melting pot of a country... a place where anything can happen, and often people with the will, courage and guts to get those things done.

Today I witnessed something phenomenal. It is a new era, just like the news is saying... how wonderful that finally the rest of the world will see that America is not just old white people (and I say that with a wink), but a vibrant place where anyone can move beyond expectations. Yes, America still has race issues, and sexism, and that unnecessary stuff, but what a step in the right direction! I am so happy to have been a part of this awesome day. I look forward to seeing Americans putting side the differences I've seen in the last six years, and moving forward as one to resolve the challenges that face them.

Now, all that emotional stuff aside, here's something fun that I have to share: the tradition from Africa of placing leaders' faces on fabric.

This one by Heidi Chisholm (read more over at SA Elle Decor ) and this next one thrown quite beautifully together by Skinny Laminx)

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Lj said...

It was an awesome day and gives me great hope for the future. I really like the Skinny take on the fabric. We shall have to get some to match the Madiba shweshwe we got in December.

Viva Obama viva...