Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So, last week we had about 6 inches of snow. It looked like this.

And tomorrow... yes, another 6 inches forecast. Phew. Another winter in New England. It does seem we are just being inundated... and I know, this is a terrible link from one subject to another, but I learned something earlier tonight. There is a river in South Africa, near the Northern border called the Palala River, and the word palala is from the SeSotho work lephalala, which means to inundate.

I learned this because I was looking up the place where one of my favourite Christmas presents came from. My lovely mom-in-law spoiled me with this apron, that came in a little bag. With Mandela-inspired shwe shwe, how could she go wrong!?

The apron is from a fantastic project called the Palala Club. Set up by Peace Corps volunteer, Rachel Johnson (who is originally from the area in Wisconsin where my American in-law grandparents live), the Palala Club is an organisation which has a primary aim of educating school age children in a rural area about AIDS, as well as teaching them skills and providing mentors to help them get through their teenage years.

As part of their work and skill-building, the Palala Clubs are now producing these fantastic aprons. Each apron comes in its own little bag, and you can choose from an astounding array of fabrics. Truly individualised!

So, if you're stuck for a gift idea, want to contribute to an outstanding project that is making a difference in many lives, or just want to check out Palala Clubs' stories, take a look at their website.

I'm off to wash my apron... gotta use salt so the colours don't run... yes, yes, think it's going to look beautiful when I put it on!

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