Thursday, July 2, 2009

Good Buy

My dears, today I start with a short lesson in Afrikaans. "Buy" is "koop" and "good" is "goed" (said with a nice guttural gh sound). But if you put them together, "goedkoop", you get "cheap". So, yes, literally a good buy. More on this later...

And now I introduce you to Koop, the business created and run by Richard Stretton. Richard is an architect who started out by building two game lodges when he first left university, ensuring that they were environmentally sound in as many ways possible, and he has never looked back. He also builds furniture, often bespoke for the building project he is working on. Here are some pics to give you an idea of his breadth of work:

Beautiful, isn't it?

You can see Koop's range of furniture here. It includes lovely stuff, some that seems to be more of a South African style, but then there are some sweet modern pieces for those of you out there who are enjoying the resurgence of that era.

And, finally, one of those ranges is called Goedkoop. What a gorgeous way to go budget friendly.

Koop's website is lovely viewing. Go check it out.

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