Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SA Winners at Cannes

South African advertising agencies won two out of three Grand Prix prizes at this year's Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (in June.Apparently I am not up to date on the news, but it's worth mentioning anyway).

TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris won for the Outdoor category for its billboard adverts using real Zimbabwean money as wallpaper to advertise the Zimbabwean Newspaper. The newspaper reports on the realities on the ground in Zimbabwe, and has since been deemed a "luxury" import and the average Zimbabwean can no longer to afford to buy it. It relies on sales in South Africa and England to keep afloat. Read more here.

Net#Work BBDO won for Radio. You can hear these interesting ads over here. Enjoy.

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Christine said...

If ever a piece of advertising could sum up the dire situation facing an entire country--this is it! very powerful.