Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back on the Campaign Trail

So after my post on Tuesday, I knew I had forgotten something... it was this. India Hicks' campaign-style desk.

Sigh. Love that shot, from Tory Burch's blog.

Not only is India Hicks' desk to die for, but the places she rents out in the Bahamas use campaign style furniture just so perfectly, and are totally drool worthy.

The dining room at The Guest House

The porch at King's Treat

do these chairs count as campaign? Regardless, great spot for a lazy afternoon....

Another fabulous place for campaign style turned up to divine, is this bathroom in South Africa, as seen on remodelista (the bathroom is in Hot Afro, which remodelista also featured this week, and I wrote about a while ago... its now available on amazon)

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Black Zebra said...

love her style,always have! Island- living style at its best!