Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is Not an Ad for a Fragrance

Not many people get to say they spent their birthday in three different states... today I started off in Massachusetts, then had coffee and cake in New Hampshire and later had lunch in Maine!

Yep, today I turned 32 (gulp!) and me and the hubby took the day off to explore Portsmouth, NH (loved it!) and then sightseeing by car, followed by antique-hunting... fantastic!

Above is my birthday gift.. aren't I lucky? I've used the same perfumes since high school, like Aqua di Gio and Green Tea, and just got tired of them, I suppose. I searched and searched for my new favourite and finally found it: Balenciaga Paris. Warm. Feminine. Grown Up (gulp!). Great packaging (love the box, the little bag the bottle comes in... the colours...). I love it. Thanks, my love.

PS: I'll be AWOL for the rest of the week... we have an art show at work every six months and I'm desperately trying to finish the third of three drawings of a series... really? I had to do a series!? Pfffft. Anyway, if I'm feeling brave I'll share the pics with you soon..


And So I Whisper said...

happy bithday! Nice birthday gift and lovely trip to celebrate.
good luck with drawings.

Eyepictures said...

Go smiling into your new year! Sounds like you had a great start.