Friday, February 4, 2011

When Next You're in Paternoster*

You should pop in to Oep Ve Koep**. Opened by Kobus a year ago, its cooking!

These images (except the first) are from his blog, Sardines on Toast (I have the same bowl as in the fourth pic!). Which, although I am not a cook, I do enjoy reading. Its a window into seasonal, great cooking on the West coast of South Africa but also a window into Kobus's world.

And how could I not enjoy Kobus' blog? He has bassets!!

* Paternoster
: Pah-terr-nohs-terr. A small fishing village on the West coast of SA that kind of looks like the Greek isles.
** Oep Ve Koep: Afrikaans for "open for business"... but my Afrikaans is a bietjie swak, so if the more literal "open for shopping", or maybe some other translation, is better, please let me know!

You can read Sardines on Toast here, see a day in the life of Kobus at the fabulous I Want That - and its where I got some of my pics, and read more about Kobus here.


Hayley said...

Oh how I love Paternoster!

Black Zebra said...

Food looking delish man! thank you for dropping by, may I present to you 'The Stylish Blogger Award',coz you're so fab! head on to my blog for the header! Congrats! x