Monday, March 14, 2011

Clinton Friedman

For some time now, I've noticed the same photography popping up again and again in photo shoots of South Africans' homes, and I've loved it. Finally I discovered whose work it is... Clinton Friedman's.

The way the photography is styled in the first shot is how I've seen it, but he has quite a wide, and gobsmacking range.

He does a few other styles... and you can even enjoy his work every day if you don't buy his photography in a frame. You can enjoy it on your couch!


Black Zebra said...

Love the vibrancy in them. He is so talented! I am normally a bit fussy about what I have on my walls,but I know I would probably have this guys work!

Janine said...

You know... I've also been wondering who's work that is which I keep seeing in all the SA photo shoots! Thanks for finally revealing Clinton Friedman to me :))