Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Velskoen

Have I mentioned this before? I am continually amazed at the popularity of the velskoen. Also called the desert shoe and the Macalister boot. Now seen everywhere but originally on the feet of boys from the plaas*.

(They look quite comfy, don't they!?)

Pics via JCrew, Sart, Stylesightings.

And why has Style Guide Cape Town not commented on this?

*Afrikaans for farm.


d said...

It's very surreal walking into english shops and seeing 'fellies' -in all shapes and sizes here, including the original and some very clearly velskoen inspired shoes: e.g:heels:, and pink fellies:

kbd said...

d, I love those pink ones! It is so funny... but its really cool how we peeps from Southern Africa, and the lovely things we've created, pop in the most astounding places. It always makes me smile.

Emily said...

I hate those shoes!

I always knew them as Clark Wallabies, but regardless not a fan.

kbd said...

I can't say I'm a fan either... I think Clark Wallabies have more of a ridge though... although I'm not a fan of those either :)

hulananni said...

Where can we buy them in Cape Town (in the city or waterfront area?)

hulananni said...

Where to buy these in Cape Town (city proper...V&A Waterfront?)

kbd said...

hi hulananni - I'm not sure, I live in Boston (USA) but if you try these two locals, I'm sure they could help you!