Friday, April 1, 2011

Hylton Nel

This seems to be a ceramics week. Not only was I contacted about Ruan Hoffman's work, but also Hylton Nel.

I've mentioned his work in passing before, but not gone any further. He does all sorts of ceramics but his plates are my favourite. Thanks to David for sending pics, and info. All photos from the Michael Stevenson website, except for the last, which is from David. Wish that last pic was taken in my home!

This last pic is of Hylton Nel: A Curious World, his latest book, and where you can enjoy more of his work, as well as some insight into what he does. According to David, who is a fan, the book is"a lovely production with very personal reflections in extracts from letters and journals from years ago that give passing insight into the things that interest or distract him interspersing the images of his more recent work and also some rich shots of his home and studio."

I love getting insight into artist's and designer's worlds and thoughts.

Out right now, too, is The World of Interiors, which features the home of the London home of two South Africans, which is filled with Hylton Nel's work.

I think I can spot an Obama plate on that wall!

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