Thursday, April 21, 2011


As my real life (and by that I mean non-virtual) friends will tell you, right now I'm on a mission. The apartment I share with my husband is getting a make over. I've changed the hardware on the doors in the pantry. I've sewn cushion covers (with pom pom trim!). I've had a chair reupholstered. We've got a new set of dining chairs.And, last night, I made us a headboard (please forgive my 11:30pm photo shoot).

Its a kind of spring cleaning, I think, although if you live in New England you will know it doesn't feel like spring. We are having our customary rains, and as good as it is for the earth, the chill that accompanies it makes a real spring and the following summer feel a long way away.

So right now I'm thinking of keeping cosy. I wouldn't updating some of our bedlinen now, either... and I'm dreaming of Hinterveld.

Hinterveld produces the most luxurious mohair blankets... not only could I get something soft and divine for my new king bed, but I could get travel blankets, and knee blankets... I could be drowning in the softness, the gorgeous colours (which are called amazing names like "Bicycle Red" and "Karoo Blue Skies")!

Mohair considered one of the most sought-after fibres in the world, and the Karoo, where South African angora goats roam (and from where the mohair comes), produces the best mohair in the world. Hinterveld also runs an ecologically sound business, combing, spinning and dyeing the wool close the the farms, and reducing its carbon footprint.

Sigh. I do know that mohair doesn't come cheap, so I think dreams will have to do for now. But I will start saving up!

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