Friday, April 8, 2011

Portrait of a Nation

Don't you hate it when something simply spectacular slips your mind? Well, thanks to Style Guide Cape Town, I was reminded of A Portrait of a Nation.

Andrew Brauteseth uses the photography portrait to simply and beautifully illustrate the beauty and diversity in the South African nation. Beautiful.

I said beauty/beautiful/beautifully three times, didn't I?

Ja well. There it is...

and you can see more of Andrew's work on his blog, Guy with a Camera.


dressed by style said...

HI I'm Megan, a new reader to your this post: Super inspiring! Also enjoyed A Day in My Life for Vicki - such a contrast to SA, but beautiful nontheless.

kbd said...

hi Megan! So glad you found me... it was so much fun to do a Day in the Life... Boston is different but so beautiful! Even better in summer rofl