Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joburg Photowalkers

When I was at university I took an amazing photography course in an area of Johannesburg called Newtown. I learned a lot. About photography, myself, Newtown and also the wonderful people I did the course with. So I only have admiration (and some jealousy!) for the Joburg Photowalkers - they get together every month and, as their website says, "explore Joburg through a lens, one photo walk at a time".

Beautiful photos (there's even some of Newtown! The first one is the old Park Station in Newtown, right behind the buildings where I developed my first film.)

You can like them on facebook and see all their photos, or find out more on their website. I encourage you to click on the images to see them larger, and each photo is titled, with the photographer's name.


Jerome West said...

Thanks for a wonderful blog post. The last photograph is mine taken when a few of us joined a similar group in Pretoria called the Pretoria Stadstapper Fotoklap Most of our communication is either from Facebook or the Google Group Our official website is Joburg Photowalkers

kbd said...

Jerome, thanks for the info. You guys create beautiful work, and it looks like you have a great time doing it, too!

candicepeetzphotography said...

Nice Blog Post. To Read more about my adventures with the Joburg Photowalkers - check my blog - you have 2 of my images on here! Thanks for posting :-)

kbd said...

Candice - nice blog! Looking forward to spending some time on it when I get a chance. Specially your trip to Klipriviersberg.