Monday, October 31, 2011

Old Skool Spook

Happy Halloween everyone! This year we've had quite a few little monsters at our front door, which is more than last year (it was dead quiet around here, har har). There was a Frankenstein, a few princesses, some just plain old scary monsters, a fairy, Tinkerbell, a bumblebee, Spiderman and some others. I'm glad the teenagers didn't stop at my stoep because I didn't want to have to tell them that they are too old for trick or treating.

My best story from tonight? Our new neighbours upstairs left a note on their door that said, "Sorry! No candy - baby sleeping, please do not ring doorbell". Interesting that they are a bunch of single grad students!

I thought it would be fitting tonight to share some pics I took last summer down on Cape Cod, in one of Barnstable's oldest cemetries, Lothrop Hill Cemetery. Some of them are just beautifully made, and others have become more beautiful as the time passes and the lichens grow.


Eyepictures said...

Lovely!I I love carvered lettering and old tomb stones are a favorite vehicle for folk iconography (most modern ones are a bit dreary dont you think?). Nothing goulish there! The last stone is my favourite!

kbd said...

mine too! Love the skeleton and wing combo!